Wine cellars

Taste wines from Volařík family vineyards right in our hotel.
Two wine cellars with the total capacity of 165 seats with the controlled wine tasting option.
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Volarik Cellar

The original wine cellar near the Piarist monastery can become a venue of your controlled wine tasting or buffet dinners and celebrations with the seating capacity for up to 70 persons.

We provide traditional wine tasting on request, or hog-killing or Old Bohemian buffet. Good wine and good music belong inseparably together. The local dulcimer band will create a genuine Moravian atmosphere for your party.

Cross Cellar

The newly reconstructed cross cellar with its unique archaeologically valued cross vault is accessible right from the hotel. The cellar is interconnected with the original Volarik cellar, or can be used separately and its seating capacity is up to 90 persons.  

Like in the Volarik wine cellar you can choose between classical wine tasting or a menu combining the taste of wine with delicious meals made according to traditional recipes. The excellent acoustics of the cross vault cellar invites musicians playing acoustic instruments to perform here, whether dulcimer music or other genres.

We only serve the best to our guests

Forget about the rumour about serving poor wine to Praguers. We always choose the best to serve to our guests.

  • Tasting top attribute wines
  • Tasting as you wish it
  • We also offer hot and cold buffet meals to our guests

Our vinotheque offers top-quality attribute wines from the family viticulture company Volařík. Volařík vineyards spread across 80 hectares in the Mikulov wine sub-region. The taste of the wine reflects the sunlit slopes of the Pálava hills, making our wines the top quality selection of Moravian wines, including wines for lovers of sweet as well as dry varieties. 

Book a wine tasting event with us or choose us as the venue of your event

Make your reservation and specify details of your wine tasting requirements and social event style on:

+420 777 840 450, +420 734 608 569;

We look forward to your visit.

*Half-day rent from 5:00 pm to 02:00 am. CZK 500 will be charged for every commenced hour.