About Volarik Hotel

You will find the four-star Volarik hotel in the very heart of the town of
Mikulov. In 2017 the hotel underwent a sensitive complex
reconstruction, and after that justly became one of the Mikulov prides.

For Rest and Work

In the supper we take care of sweet dreams of wine, cycling and local unique historic monument lovers. For the rest of the year we are a venue of conferences, corporate or teambuilding events organised by Czech as well as foreign business companies.

We take care of everything

We take the same, i.e. maximum care of all our guests. To feel well we will be happy to arrange for you various accessory services from trips to wine tasting and gastronomic experience.

Family tradition and many years of experience

You will find Volarik Hotel in the place of the popular Eliška hotel.
Our hotel keeps its atmosphere even after the reconstruction
as a family enterprise providing professional
service on world-class hotel level.

Four stars and domestic atmosphere

From the original pension with ten rooms we have arrived to where we find ourselves now thanks to hard work and our guests who like to return to our place – now we are a modern four-star hotel with the capacity of 128 guest beds.

We have learnt to learn about Moravia through wine

In addition to our Volarik hotel we also take care of and devote love to
90 hectares of our vineyards in the surroundings of Mikulov.
You can taste the liquid fruits of our work
in a wine cellar right on the hotel premises.

Volarik Hotel in numbers

127 beds for our guests

58 rooms in four variants

3 minutes walking distance from the town centre

26 rooms with a vista of the chateau or park

41 parking places for all-year use

3 restaurants and conference hall right in the hotel

We want you to love
Mikulov like we do

For years the whole family have worked on making our hotel one of the best places to be found in Mikulov.
Thanks to the beautiful hotel surroundings and the sensitive reconstruction we hope to have managed.
Mikulov is a beautiful place in our country and we want our guests to come to love it

like we do. And remember their stay here with love
and return to our place happily.
Mike Volarik, Hotel owner


Our hotel was born. Or rather the building our hotel is situated in. After the Battle of the White Mountain Mikulov was so depopulated that the Christian order of Piarists decided to attract intelligentsia to the town by building a new humanities college.

The building was purchased by one of the oldest and most honoured Jewish families of the present hotel and used for a viticulture enterprise Teltscher-Glattauer.

The enterprise was so successful that it became the largest viticulture enterprise in Moravia and the second largest in the Czechoslovakia between the two world wars.

The entering Nazi ideology destroyed the whole local Jewish community and made the Teltscher-Glattauer family emigrate to Canada.

In the communist era the building was state-owned.

The country leaders decided to make use of the equipment of the building and used it as the seat of the Moravian Wine Establishment company, uniting all viticulture enterprises in Moravia.

This year the building was taken over by its new owners, the Volařík family. The viticulture enterprise was wound up and a reconstruction was commenced.

The building was first used as an accommodation facility for guests, managed by Mrs. Eliška (mother to the current owner). Thanks to the pleasant family atmosphere the guests began to say “We visit Eliška´s place”. For that reason the building was called Eliška Hotel.

The new hotel owner is the son of Mrs. Eliška, Mr. Miroslav Volařík, representative of the second generation of the hotel Volařík family.

Volarik**** Hotel receives not only a new name and an additional star but also a brand new appearance after the profound reconstruction.

Enjoy Mikulov with us

Whether you head for rest and relaxation, sport or culture, our Volarik hotel will be an excellent starting point for your days in Mikulov. We will take care of you like you were our children.

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