Kelo Sauna

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Ritual kelo sauna

Enjoy the exceptional sauna feeling in our kelo sauna. The sauna in Volarik Hotel is an exceptional underground ritual sauna made of hundred-year-old trees. The wood dazzling you with its unforgettable natural scent and texture comes from the Northern Arctic Circle. The wood is conserved by the nature itself. The natural drying process and the dry chilly air help retain the resin inside. The resin will enchant you during your stay in the sauna with its unique fragrance. The wood is not conserved with any modern chemicals or techniques and so your sauna stay in our kelo sauna will be an exceptional experience of closeness to the nature.

Sauna ceremonies

Be prepared for an intense sensory experience and satisfy yourself that even a sauna can be exceptional. An experienced sauna staff member will lead you through a sauna ceremony called PÁLAVA BREEZE to make your sauna feeling even more intense. The unique smell of the wood and essential oils in connection with pleasant music will support relaxation of tour mind. Birch and eucalyptus twigs will perfuse the skin and intense ice or honey peeling will cleanse it and remove toxins. The intense experience will be closed with a rest with a vista of the garden and herb tea or spring water drinking.

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