Hotel Volarik

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Four star relax
after an unforgettable day in Mikulov

Breathtaking vistas of Mikulov and wonderful experiences within reach.

Round-the-clock reception for your service day and night.

A comfortable and cosy room for two with a bathroom, a TV set and a fridge.

Choose a luxuriously equipped studio or apartment with a shared terrace with wifi and parking.

Special offer with discount

Book a stay at the Volarik hotel sooner and at the best prices!

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Leave Everything to us

We will prepare a holiday as you imagine. Buy one of our experience packages
and enjoy without having to take care of anything.

We can prepare a turnkey conference or corporate event.
Just arrive and take.

3 conference halls, 55 rooms for participants and event coordinator at your service.

Catering to your liking. We will provide all-day delicious snacks and drinks.

We can even entertain. In our free time, we take care of the program for everyone.

The most beautiful neighborhood. Nice calm or so much enjoyment? It’s up to you.

A region of vineyards, hills and experiences

We will help you get to know the best of Mikulov. We know its surroundings like you know your home and can help you plan tour trips as well as evening programmes.

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