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Holly Hill

A strong natural dominant of Mikulov, with a pilgrimage church of St. Sebastian on the top. A way of the cross to the church and the rare plant species have caused the hill to be announced a natural and historic reserve.

Goat Castle

On the top of the hill there are remnants of a two-storey gun tower with a gallery of 15th century, which used to strongly contribute to the defence of Mikulov. After a recent landscaping in the surrounding the monument is publicly accessible and the surrounding park is a favourite rest place of the locals as well as the tourists.

Educational paths

The nature and the historic monuments of Mikulov will be introduced to the walkers of the five educational paths: the Moravian Wine Path, the Mikulov Wine Path and the educational paths Děvín, Turold and Jewish Quarter. Their lengths and demand range from several hundred meters across the town to 280 kilometres in the landscape for passionate cyclists, families and wine lovers.

Mikulov Chateau

The original lords´ castle was granted by Přemysl Otakar II in 1249 as a feudality to the Liechtenstein family. In late 16th century the Liechtenstein owners were replaced by Dietrichsteins and under the latter´s reign, after a big fire in 1719, the chateau obtained its present appearance. In 1945 the chateau was burnt by the retreating Nazi army but thanks to the care of the Association for the Mikulov Chateau Renewal the chateau was restored to its previous appearance in the course of 1950s.

Historic town square in Mikulov

The town centre of 16th century underwent a profound transformation about a hundred years later and some of its remarkable buildings have retained their original renaissance appearance until now. Do not miss the sgraffito house U Rytířů, the fountain of 1700 and the baroque statue of the Holy Trinity.

Turold Cave

The largest publicly accessible cave of the Pálava Hills is situated in the wall of the original lime quarry on the top of Turold hill. The karst underground is up to 1 km long and features, in addition to a winter rescue of bats, several underground lakes and extraordinary rock decorations with sintered coating making an impression of petrified foam.

Dietrichstein sepulchre

St. Anne´s church with an imitation of the Holy Shed of the Italian Loreto can be found in the lower part of the Mikulov square. A funeral chapel of the Dietrichsteins was built on the south-western side of the church. The building had been largely damaged by the destructive fire in 1784 and only in mid 19th century reconstructed to the Dietrichstein family sepulchre.


John´s Castle

The hunting lodge in the middle of the riparian forests was built after 1800 and used for nobility gathering before hunts. The lodge was inhabited by the royal forester. The chateau can be visited with a guide.

Lednice Glasshouse

The chateau glasshouse was built by the Liechtenstein family in 1842. The glasshouse features a bi collection of subtropical and tropical plants. The hot and wet air is favourable for orchid blossom. The exceptional structure of the glasshouse is also worth admiration.


Lednice Chateau

The chateau in its neo-Gothic style served in 19th century as a grandiose meeting place for European mobility. The opulent halls and rooms can be seen in the course of guided tours.

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