We set ourselves the task to ensure the best products and services for you and cannot wait to see you experience everything personally.

Not only do we follow the motto: “think globally, act locally” in every sphere that is related to the hotel operation, but for us, the man is not only a mortal frame. It’s rather a complex being composed of a body, a soul and a mind. This is why we were trying to find something and somebody that would help us harmonise and smooth all the three layers to make relaxation as effective as possible. And as the old saying goes: seek and you shall find… we have found­ Anna, an aromatherapist who makes products for us that we use to care for you in our wellness centre.

ANNU cosmetics

Cosmetics of the ANNU brand is really clean, natural, beautifully aromatic, harmless and effective, not intended for commercial spheres. This is one of the reasons why it is not available anywhere else but with Annu or at our hotel. Cosmetics which is produced in a small workshop not far away from us in Moravia and made of ingredients from family gardens of Annu, which means the origin and composition is clear and clean.



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